Friday, July 31, 2009


It's one of those just-enough-to-pay-the-bills kind of months. You know, the kind where you hold your breath, close your eyes and pray that when you're done subtracting, there will be something, anything, left in the checking account, even if it's single digits. Tell me I'm not alone here. Tell me you've been there.

God has been speaking to me through songs recently. Maybe that's because I've neglected reading the Bible and praying lately. Instead of meditating on His Word, my mind has been filled with the how-to's of paying bills and making ends meet.

Today, I remembered the Caedmon's Call song "This World." The chorus says: "This world has nothing for me, and this world has everything. All that I could want and nothing that I need." Sometimes I'm down when there's only enough money to pay the bills. And I'm jealous of people who get to take vacations or make new purchases or even save a little for a rainy day. But as this song runs through my head, I remember what's important. That all the stuff this world has to offer, even the good, fun stuff, is nothing compared with what God has to offer.

I've been adding to my guitar-playing repertoire, and one of the recent additions is the Chris Tomlin song "Enough." It was a favorite during my college days, and I'm still encouraged by its chorus: "All of you is more than enough for all of me, for every thirst and every need, you satisfy me with your love, and all I have in you is more than enough." Even with single-digits in the checking account, I have more than enough to get through this life. That sometimes sounds naive when I think it or voice it, but I can't think of anything I would miss more in my life if it wasn't there than Jesus.

Yesterday, as I was making French toast for breakfast, I started singing "Seek Ye First," especially the verse that says "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God, Allelu, alleluia." That's almost a direct quote from Matthew 4:4, when the devil is tempting Jesus to satisfy his hunger by turning stones into bread. This convicts me. Even Jesus wouldn't use his own means to meet a basic need in his life. He trusted his Father, even with his hunger.

This is so contrary to our culture. We applaud people who "make something of themselves." We're expected to solve our own problems. We value people based on their net worth. We're impressed by the number of things we amass.

And yet the Bible's message is consistent with the song lyrics ... the world has nothing of real value to offer, God is more than enough of what we need, we're not to live only on bread.

Oh, Jesus, help me embrace that counter-cultural attitude and trust that You are truly all I need. Amen.

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  1. I like this. Zach and I are in the process of watching the Narnia movies and they've reminded me of the percentage of time I spend relying on myself and the percentage of time I spend relying on God. Then talking to colleagues about a restraint that was more of a fight and how God protected us and did more of the 'hanging on' than I did just reinforced it.